Lease back

Lease Back is a financial transaction in which one party (the Customer) sells his assets to another party (ALD Automotive), taking into account that Customer afterwards takes it in lease back for the long-term.

Which companies use this service?

Many companies  have a fleet of their own vehicles. For various reasons it is not always possible to transfer the fleet in operating leasing in a short term perspective.
In such situations, the company can take advantage of the external fleet management.
But Fleet Management does not allow to take down cars from the books of the company. Take cars away from books is often the main reason for switching to fleet outsourcing.
In situations when it is necessary to transfer the fleet to outsource and take away cars from the books in short term, ALD Automotive offers the Lease Back solution.

Main advantages:

  • You can easily move from vehicles owning to operational leasing without freezing your fleet
  • You reduce the risk of vehicle fleet downtime, return money from sale of cars to ALD Automotive and control the costs of managing your fleet
  • ALD Automotive fixes monthly lease payments for agreed period of time 
  • You focus efforts on the core business of your company.